Dear Leon,
     This letter illustrates beautifully your devotion and caring for people. I love it and more doctors should be like you.
     Warm regards and love to both Peggy
 and you!   

Paul & Ghislaine Goffin

     What a great letter! You really touched that family in a special way by saving this man's son. Well done! If I ever get sick, I know the right person to call. God Bless.

Best, John Flood
Dearest Doctor Smith,

I pray that this letter finds you well, it is long overdue, but today is my son Yossi’s 36th birthday, and eight years ago, you saved his life.

You’ve long forgotten, so let me remind you. On the night of January 18, 2005, my son suffered a massive CVA and was operated on for a cavernous malformation. Postoperatively, there were several serious complications, one of which was a fever of unknown origin; he was in a coma, all work-up was negative and the ICU wasn’t giving us much hope.   READ MORE ...
Dr. Leon G. Smith is among the most well-known and respected infectious disease specialists in the world. He has made ground-breaking contributions to the field throughout 50 years of service and continues to touch the lives of thousands. Below are testimonials from just a few of 
Dr. Smith's patients and colleagues.
Dear Leon: 

Your dedication to bringing vital medical resources to those in need is commendable.

I agree that harnessing the power of technology can have great impact in this effort, and I’ve made that a priority for my Foundation, especially for the Clinton Health Access Initiative’s HIV/AIDS and malaria programs. 

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this global effort. I wish you all the best as we continue to work toward a common goal of saving lives around the world. 

Bill Clinton


“I am aware not only of your great expertise but also of your generosity and the very practical assistance which you offer to so many people here in our area, and indeed, around the world – even to the Vatican.”
Most Reverend John J. Myers, Archbishop of Newark

“I write to congratulate you on your 50 years of service at Saint Michael’s Medical Center in Newark, New Jersey. You are truly an icon at Saint Michael’s. We all look up to you with so much respect and gratitude. You have truly dedicated your life to Saint Michael’s.

How often have you taken care of us, free of charge. Your patients have included Cardinals, Archbishops, Bishops, Monsignors, priests, Religious Brothers and Sisters, and Cloistered Nuns. Your expertise and wisdom have helped us all.

Your care of the poor is well known. So often have you reached out, in a selfless way, to take care of the most needy among us. May God reward you for your charity.”
Most Reverend Manuel A. Cruz, D.I., Auxiliary Bishop of Newark 

“Over the years you have treated countless patients that we have referred to you, both from the United States and abroad, and you have shown a willingness to go the extra mile to accommodate these patients at all hours of the day and night.”
​​Rabbi Shuky Berman, Director, Refuah Resources 

“You have been one amazing human being, and it is a privilege to have known you and to have been your friend.”
Roman W. DeSanctis, M.D., Massachusetts General Hospital and Harvard Medical School

“Your ceaseless quest to spread health and combat disease far from the shores of New Jersey is an example for all of us. Your amazing stamina and acuity of thinking stands as a model we all hope to emulate.” 
Munther Hormoud, M.D., Tufts Medical Center

"These days I’m doing well – thanks to you diagnosing me with gluten-intolerance. Having Celiac Disease and the sometimes phantom symptoms explains a lot throughout my child and adulthood. Moreover, my diet is pretty bland, but it is certainly worth feeling better. As such (thanks to your prescription) I’m continuing to take my vitamin B-12 intramuscular injections – 1x weekly to supplement any vitamin deficiency; bypassing my digestive tract.
      In closing, thank you so much for giving me good health! – you are indeed a brilliant and extraordinary physician. I’m eternally thankful to my late Uncle Frank for your gift to me.  -Richard F. Rodgers  
No Greater Love for DiPiano's Greatest Gift - Mike DiPiano Sr. receives organ transplant ...
Belleville Times, January 17, 2013    READ STORY HERE
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Terence French
Roland Attis Jr.
Sheriff Armando Fontoura
Peter Stewart
Leonard Luciano
Gov. Brendan Byrne
Debbie Spicehandler 

Barry Yeskel​
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A letter from Henry & Geri Smolen which includes a reference to Dr. Smith's involvement in their daughter Susan's recovery over 45 years ago.

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Funeral Homily for Margaret "Peggy" Smith 

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Just wrote you a note; today I received word from the Massachusetts General Hospital that you had made a donation to the dermatology center in my name.

Thus, your gift is clearly in the right hospital channels. THANKS, MY DEAR FRIEND, for your thoughtfulness and generosity.

You are a treasured and amazing friend.

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Dr. Roman DeSanctis
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