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The following are real medical cases with diagnosis that are for informational purposes:

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​CASE 1​
A 27-year old female executive has very painful sex. On examination, she had deep painful ulcers in the vagina off and on for many years. She also had one similar mouth ulcer and occasional joint pain. A number of different tests were negative.

Among the possibilities were the following:
1)Behcet’s Syndrome
3)Sex Trauma

This turned out to be Behcet’s Syndrome which is a disease that involves inflammation of the blood vessels. It causes problems in many parts of the body. The most common symptoms are listed:

Sores in the mouth
Sores on the sex organs 
Other skin sores 
Swelling of parts of the eye
Pain, swelling and stiffness of the joints

More serious problems can include meningitis, blood clots, inflammation of the digestive system and blindness.

The Mayo Clinic website has additional information at

A 20-year old male student developed severe pain in his right testicle. On exam there was a very tender bump in the testicle. The exam was otherwise normal. He was sexual active with 2 fellow female students and a maid.

Among the possibilities were the following:
1)Gonorrhea of the epidermis
2)Trapped Sperm 
3)Hyper Simplex

The answer is #1. The Gonorrhea bacteria traveled down to the epidymis causing inflammation. On separation of the bump yielded the bacteria. When given a proper antibiotic, the fever and pain went away.

Prevention is a key with the following thoughts:
2)Vaginal device
5)Anti AIDS
6)Travel Safety Procedure

A 56-year old woman with a long history of indigestion always took sodium bicarbonate before 
sleeping. She developed grand seizures for many years after having sex. A massive neurological work by doctors that included electrolytes and an MRI of the brain was negative.

When the patient stopped the sodium bicarbonate the seizure stopped and the women felt much better.

The diagnosis was that the sodium bicarbonate cause alkaline and functional hypocalcemia.

A 28-year old male went to the emergency room at a local hospital with sharp pain of his penis following sex with his female partner. They were engaging in a cow girl position with the woman on top.

The doctored looked at the following four possible diagnosis:
1. Fractured Penis
2. Priapism
3. Gonorrhea
4. Blockage of the Urethra

He eventually came up with the following diagnosis:
1) The cowgirl position is inherently dangerous in fracturing the penis. Which reach surgical
repair immediately to surgical correction.