​The reach of Dr. Smith and The Smith Infectious Diseases Foundation has expanded from groundbreaking work at St. Michaels to embrace the world.

The Foundation is working in Afghanistan, Uganda, Kenya, and the Sudan, using Blackberry-enabled technology to provide local physicians and healthcare workers with direct and immediate access to worldwide leaders in the field of infectious disease. The Foundation has funded not only primary research to discover unique incentive treatment programs for HIV/AIDS but also education programs aimed at preventing this disease.

Additional support is given to prevent the spread of other globally prevalent diseases such as tuberculosis, influenza, fungal and other viral diseases.

The Foundation has funded ongoing education and mentorship programs for a new generation of infectious disease specialists, and continues to explore new uses of Technology, to bring the best of medical practice
to people who are daily facing illness and death by poverty, violence, and neglect.

Kenya Support Clinic 
HIV/AIDS education, prevention, and treatment center

Digital Technology to extend the reach of experts 
Instant access through smart-phone technology to the 
most prominent infectious disease experts from anywhere 
in the world

Support of Accordia in Uganda
HIV/Aids prevention and treatment center founded by
Merle Sande, MD

Leon G. Smith Medical Scholarships
Two need-based full medical scholarships for inner city
students who commit to returning to practice in the inner city

Clerkships at John Hopkins; Georgetown; Harvard; Yale,
NYU and NJ Medical in Infectious Disease 
To inspire a new generation of physicians and researchers
in the study, diagnosis, and treatment of current and emergent 
infectious diseases

The Smith Center for Infectious Disease & Urban Care
facilities in Newark and East Orange N.J. provide free care
for residents and populations without the economic means to
access healthcare

Fever of Unknown Origin Clinic
Free service with global reach for the 
diagnosis of Infectious Disease and for the
understanding and treatment of potentially 
deadly diseases without identified causes

Global digital access to leading authorities for the prevention,
diagnosis and treatment of infectious diseases 
made available to physicians working in remote areas
of the world, including in the Sudan, where genocide,
famine, and war are daily realities

Promotion of Guidelines
for MRSA, Lyme Disease, travelers’ and food borne diseases

The Smith Infectious Diseases Foundation
189 Eagle Rock Avenue • PO Box 174 • Roseland, NJ 07068 
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All rights reserved.189 Eagle Rock Avenue, P.O. Box 174, Roseland, NJ 07068-1347 
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