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The Leon G. Smith Infectious Diseases Foundation is a strong believer in Pastoral Care for people that suffer with terrible diseases and other illnesses. The Foundation is offering a number of different potential services for people who have the need and desires for those services.

At the present time,The Foundation is offering these services through our web site. For additional information on those services, contact us via our contact page. All information will be forward to respected members of the clergy who have volunteered for these duties and will be in complete privacy.

Pastoral care has a strong definition posted on Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Pastoral Care is also a term applied where people offer help and caring to others in their church or wider community. Pastoral care in this sense can be applied to listening, supporting, encouraging and befriending.

Our experts for pastoral care include: Auxiliary Manuel Aurelio Bishop Cruz and Rev. Stephanie Wethered.

Again, for Pastoral Care contact The Foundation and we will forward your request to the appropriate agency. Please include your name, phone number and email address.

For the "Regulae liber pastoralis" of Gregory I, see Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care is the ministry of care and counseling provided by pastors, chaplains and other religious leaders to members of their church or congregation, or to persons of all faiths and none within institutional settings. This can range anywhere from home visitation to formal counseling provided by pastors who are licensed to offer counseling services. This is also frequently referred to as “spiritual care.” On the other hand, pastoral practice refers to how an idea is applied or used when giving spiritual guidance or leading somebody closer to God either in spiritual formation, teaching, counseling, or in liturgy.
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